Writing is the voice of the soul. 

It allows me to connect to my heart and express my thoughts. It also allows me to give voice to those who may be struggling to be heard. 

I started writing when I was eight years old—mostly essays, short stories, songs, and journal entries. As I got older, I added poetry and philosophical writing. 

Then, when I went to university for photojournalism, I started writing articles and practiced working with our school newspaper and our local magazine. Next came more soulful and personal development writing, which continued to grow as I expanded my self-love and emotional intelligence coaching practice.

 Finally, content, copy, website, and storytelling articles joined my writing practice. I’ve also been able to use these skills to teach exam preparation students to pass major British Council exams and business professionals to host important meetings and gain confidence with their business English writing.

 Today I help bloggers and websites with their content and storytelling needs. If you’re interested in working with me, I would love to set up a meeting. 

Please contact me at ioanawilkinson@gmail.com or here.