Putting The Spotlight On Black Voices

Countless images of protests and grief have flooded my dreams at night like a movie trailer on speed. 

I’ve shed many tears and have lost a lot of sleep, but I know none of that compares to those that have experienced this for centuries.

I can’t understand. I won’t understand. I’m sorry.

But this is not about me. It’s about them and they deserve better.
Black people deserve better!

They deserve to feel wanted, seen, heard, respected, loved, and free. 
They deserve equal opportunities and policy changes that ensure that.

This is about their voices, their point of view, and their stories.

It’s time to listen, intervene when necessary to help amplify their voices, and continue this snowball of freedom fighting until they finally get everything they need. 

This moment in time is rich with opportunity, and we can’t let it get away from us.
We can’t let it be a trend or a phase. It needs to catapult us into a different future of equality. 

From now on, conversations need to be different. Our inner worlds need to evolve. Our actions need to shift. This is the only way true change will happen internally, externally, and politically. 

If you’re a black person and you feel comfortable allowing me to amplify your voice, I would love to share your story, perspective, dreams, and ideas. If you’re on board please comment below or send me an email at with the subject line: “This is my story.”

You deserve to be heard.

I love you. 

If you’re a white person who wants to do more to help fuel change, consider these action steps:

  • Stand up for black people during times of oppression
  • Talk with your families, friends, and children about how to be anti-racist
  • Educate yourself by studying books and testimonies
  • Join a peaceful protest if you feel safe to do so
  • Call policymakers and demand justice and equal opportunity laws
  • Donate to organizations fighting for equality 
  • Start a support group or safe space 
  • Allow this to be a new way of life versus just a fad

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